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Pretty Pretty Pals: Sadie Designs

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There are so many interesting and inspiring people out there and I already know a lot of them.  Recently, I hosted a contest on New Canadian Modern for my friend and jewellery designer Sarah Rankin’s company, Sadie Designs.  Sarah makes truly beautiful pieces and her blog is also very inspiring. She always makes great posts about her adventures on the West Coast with her lovely fiancee Jeff.  Whether it be food, film, art, fashion or just daily life, Sarah makes it oh-so-special.  I am in love with her latest piece, this incredible skeleton key that has the word “PRESTO” etched into it.

Here is an excerpt of the NCM article:

Sadie Designs is a truly inspiring little company.  I met Sarah while studying at the University of Calgary and always loved her prints that I would glimpse during Open Studio Days in the Art Department.  She hung out with an amazing group of women who all have gone on to do incredibly inspiring and exciting things — all of them sprawled across Canada and the States, and sometimes even Europe.  When I first heard about Sadie Designs coming into fruition — I was so excited to see the finished products.  I love hearing stories about people who make their dreams come true, and put the motion of creating ahead of other things, a true priority.  At my job here in Calgary, we recently showcased some Sadie Designs necklaces and earrings at a little show called ‘Its a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood’.  Her collection included geometric and typographically-inspired pieces, made with fantastic natural materials and careful, beautiful detailing.

Here is a little bit more about Sadie Designs and Sarah Rankin, the artist behind it all.
About Sadie Designs: Unique, handcrafted jewelry made in Vancouver, Canada. Many things inspire Sadie: the cities I’ve lived in and visited, drawings, architectural forms, and the outdoors are just a few that come to mind.
About Sarah: Sarah studies printmaking at the University of Calgary and now lives in Vancouver where she is in her final year of a Masters of Landscape Architecture degree.  She loves to make things and tried to eat in, keep her garden healthy, and walk her dog regularly.  Her favourite new book is Just Kids by Patti Smith, but her favourite book ever is Where I’m Calling From by Raymond Carver.

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