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holiday cheer! gift ideas for kiddos!

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While Christmas practically revolves around pleasing children, shopping for kids is actually tough! Throw one of those massive 500 page Christmas Catalog’s (ala the average child’s equivalent to the Vogue September Issue) into the mix and it is nearly impossible to figure out what to get for them. Shopping for kids downtown may at first look hopeless due to the lack of toy stores and specialty shops but once you look around, there is treasure for the kiddos in your life all throughout The CORE!

Parents and non-parents have this shopping dilemma every year so I have pulled together some of my go-to favourite gifts for kids. I’ve gathered unique and affordable gifts here for a range of ages from baby to teen and including all kinds of interests.

01. The Soft and Cuddly Baby Type: Land & Sea has a really great selection of adorable baby stuff. It may look like a toy store for you on the outside but they actually do carry lifestyle products for the whole family. I fell in love with these Baby Magoo Blankets (you can actually order customizable ones too!) and they are perfect for gifting to a new baby who of course needs to be snuggled constantly.

02. The Chatterbox Teen: Jack & Elliot has so many cool and trendy products that you could pick out just about anything for your teen here and they will love it. I thought this Rabito iPhone case would be essential for the teen getting their first cell phone. Quirky yet functional – it’s a great stocking stuffer.

03. The Adventurous Sort: You know the kid that is always climbing trees, can name every continent and went to archaeology camp this summer? Yes, the Adventurous Sort! This water resistant watch from the Gap is a terrific present for the kid on the run.

04 + 05. The Kids with Big Imaginations: It’s time to stock up on new costumes for your tickle trunk and H&M just so happens to have a fun line of children’s costumes that also function as great winter outerwear! I wish I had a flamingo or rabbit cap to create new magical worlds in with my friends!

06. The Kid Who Loves Darn Good Design: Some kids just seem to have a deeper appreciation for well-designed toys. They’ll likely grow up to be industrial designers, architects or create well-designed toys for a living. You can’t go wrong with the traditional stacking dolls this time with a Sock Monkey spin on them! Calendar Club is carrying a massive selection of quirky yet classical children’s toys for the season.

07. The Nostalgic Child: Ah yes, the Nostalgic Child. This is the category I would have fallen into as a kid. The kid who longs for olden times and yesteryear. Now if you are part of the vinyl revival movement, it is likely you already have a turntable and what kid doesn’t want to be more like their parents? This fabulous repro Fisher Price Turntable is an absolute gem and a must-have for any budding music aficionado.

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All gifts found at The CORE

01. Baby Magoo Blankets, Land & Sea, $65-$105 /

02. Ribito iPhone Case, Jack & Elliot, $38 /

03. Red Digital Water Resistant Sports Watch, The Gap, $12.95 /

04. Flamingo Ca, H&M, $19.95 /

05. Grey Jersery Rabbit Cap & Mitts, H&M, $29.95

06. Sock Monkey Nesting Monkeys, Calendar Club, $14.99

07. Fisher Price Record Player, Calendar Club, $34.99

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