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holiday cheer! gift guide for all the dudes in your life!

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Ah yes. Shopping for the men in your life. Quite possibly the hardest people to pinpoint on your shopping list.

There is Dad – he always makes it like he doesn’t need or want anything – he’s just happy relaxing with his family over the holidays. But come on, that just means you need to find him something real cool just to show how much he means to you. These Whiskey Rocks (01) are the perfect addition to the bottle of whiskey that you snuck into his stocking.

What about your Father-in-law? You aren’t exactly close but you do know he loves card games and has been wanting to improve his poker game. The Little Black Book of Poker (02) is a great gift that shows you care about his hobbies and interests (even if you don’t)!

You know your Best Friend has been wanting to hit up Bowtie Thursdays for sometime now but doesn’t have the swag to represent. H&M has a fabulous selection of affordable patterned and plain bowties (03) making it easy for you to pick him up one for every day of the week!

Your Husband or Long-term Boyfriend is the absolute hardest person to shop for. Since you live together, every gift you see worth purchasing just so happens to be something you will enjoy as well. Get him something he’ll have around forever – a staple like a side bag for work or a backpack for his adventures. The Fred Perry Scotch Grain Side Bag (08) is ideal for toting his iPad and work files around while the Herschel Napsack (04) is meant for weekends away.

Your Brother has the best style out of everyone in your family – he dresses super casual but just seems to always look put together. One part Canadiana and one part skater, this Bird Hat (07) from Vans is the perfect quirky gift for the one guy you know who can pull it off. On the other hand, do you and your sibling fight a lot? Call truce with this manly friendship bracelet (05) from Club Monaco.

Hey, don’t forget to buy something for your New Boyfriend! You haven’t been dating too long so get him something in the mid-price range, like this cozy Roots Toque (06). He’ll think of you when he wears it and what could be cuter than that? Of course, if your love connection is beyond the “I bought you a toque” stage consider booking a staycation in downtown Calgary for the two of you.


Need to get all your shopping done? Buy your tickets for the biggest private shopping night ever, Twas the Night at The Core on November 28th!


You can find all these great gifts in downtown Calgary at The CORE:

01. Whiskey Rocks, Indigo Spirit, 24.99

02. The Little Black Book of Poker, Land & Sea, $9.95

03. Patterned Bow Tie, H&M, $6.95

04. Herschel Napsack, Little Burgundy Pop Up Shop, $85.00

05. Beaded Bracelet, Club Monaco, $15.00

06. Roots Toque, Roots, $30.00

07. Vans Bird Hat, Little Burgundy Pop Up Shop, $28.00

08.  Fred Perry Scotch Grain Side Bag, Urban, $85.00

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Cute list! I wanted to buy those stones for my dad last year but he informed me that he prefers it at room temperature. Back to the drawing board!

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