a very minted holiday

Have you met Minted? Based out of San Francisco, they are one of the best resources on the web to purchase custom greeting cards along with beautiful artist prints (addicted to these) and their newly launched party decor line! With Christmas nearly just one month away, it is about time that we all dig out our favourite pen and get writing our Christmas cards.

Today I want to share my favourites out of their new holiday collection of cards. As if like a magnet, I gravitate towards the hand-drawn type cards almost immediately. I love the simplicity and the child-like nature to them. I would definitely want to receive one of these in my mailbox!

I love the colour palette of these last two cards. Cream, green and red – just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I am just wondering though – we don’t have any cute kids or pets like these beautifully photogenic families – hope people will like a card with our goofy mugs on it! Tough luck…. :)


This post was sponsored by minted.com but includes my own opinions and reviews of the product.

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