tiffany’s holiday luncheon

Details are everything.

I was so elated to attend the  holiday-themed Tiffany & Co. luncheon last Thursday. Bloggers and members of the media were invited to attend a lovely afternoon lunch at the award-winning Model Milk (recently named top 10 new restaurants in Canada in enRoute magazine) with Elizabeth Hellebrand of Tiffany & Co.! It was so lovely to sit down for a stunning menu with some new and old faces. Of course, details are everything to Tiffany’s as well – the dining room was dotted with perfect white roses, beautifully wrapped Tiffany’s coffee table books, right down to the selection of wines and the hand-typed menus.

While this Tiffany’s get-together didn’t have multi-thousand dollar rings sitting at our place settings like the Breakfast I recently attended – Elizabeth shared an exciting tidbit that Tiffany’s had created the jewelery for the upcoming holiday release of Baz Lurhman’s (of Moulin Rouge fame) adaptation of The Great Gatsby! Scroll down to watch the fabulous trailor that is absolutely stunning with the costuming, decor and music – per usual for Lurhman!









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  1. Holly

    Lovely!! Beautiful photos.
    Leo is aging incredibly well….

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