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Neighborhood Clothing Swap DIY Printable

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Just as the saying goes, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure! Don’t discard your closet rejects so hastily – help them find a glamorous new home by organizing a neighborhood clothing swap. I have a brand-new DIY & Printable over at The Neighborhood all about putting together a neighborhood clothing swap. I am a big fan of the act of swapping so take a note from me and plan your own party. I’ve got everything you need to pull it together including invitation templates, bunting banners and labels for organizing the clothing – all you have to do is send the invites! We all have those neighbors whose wardrobes you covet – so get out there and stick an invite in their mailbox.

You can also take your swap to the next level by providing some light refreshments like lemonade or hot chocolate. It doesn’t take much to pull together a potlucked table of delicious baked goods. Could there be anything better than delicious sweets and “shopping” for new clothes? I think not!


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