Happy New Year!


Ah, squeezing in one last post of 2012. I have been relaxing up a storm for the past two weeks which is why I haven’t blogged at all. I planned to blog over the holidays but I was having too much fun doing nothing!

2012 has been an incredible year and I am so thankful for everything that has happened over the past 12 months. I have met some wonderful people and have developed some amazing friendships. I feel so lucky to have such creative inspiring people in my life. You know who you are!

I hope you are all enjoying one last night of 2012. We had the opportunity to go out to a party but decided to stay in with gluten-free pizza, prosecco and movies. So good!

Happy New Year, my lovely friends out there in the internet world!

Love you all. xoxo

celebrate via lomo

skates via urban outfitters

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