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Learning to Make a Life List

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Learning to define and set goals is one of the hardest aspects of your life to find dedicated time for. I figured it was time as I started feeling overwhelmed by the millions of ideas swarming my already busy brain. I couldn’t determine which ones were worth writing down and which ideas were just fragments that I may not necessarily pursue. I decided to learn how.



This past week I participated in a SkillShare class with the ever-wonderful Go Mighty co-founder, Sarah Bryden-Brown. The class is called Identifying Your Goals: Make a Life List with GoMighty and was everything it said it would be.

First of all, SkillShare is an incredible resource I only came aware of recently. Essentially, endless online classes that inspire you to learn new skills, become a better person and make new connections. It is even more niche than Twitter due to the fact that the people in your classes actually paid to be there. I was very impressed overall with my experience on SkillShare. I love the emails they send out with exciting new classes as well as notifications letting me know when I’ve made a new connection.

The Go Mighty workshop was an instant release of amazing ideas as I started reading my fellow classmates’ goals and plans for the future. Based on Sarah’s teachings and recommendations for getting started on my life list, I started to craft together my collection of goals. Ranging from long-term to short-term and from simple to complex, my goals started to take shape. While I won’t go into complete detail here on these goals, you can see my developing life list here.

The one thing that really stood out to me throughout this week-long experience was how accepting and supportive people are once you start voicing these ideas and goals. The amazing community on Go Mighty is just filled to the brim with good souls, who like to see good work done and done right. Everything wants to connect and reach out and help eachother. It is a group of extreme dreamers and do-ers. And I think you should sign up too. The founders of Go Mighty often work hard to help make the Mighty members find their way to completing their goals through sponsorship opportunities. That kind of dedication is often unheard of in our fast-paced internet-based lives. It is something really special.

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