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A Spring Clean

March 26, 2013 / By / , , , / 2 Comments


I’ve already been getting a head start on my spring cleaning this year. It has been liberating, to say the least. I have been tackling room by room and discovering exactly what stuff should absolutely stick around and which should hit the road. It is slightly terrifying when you realize that you have been toting some stuff around for nearly a decade – things that have really no sentimental value, whatsoever. Regardless of what I may be getting rid of, my biggest goal this spring is to work on compartmentalizing the stuff that is going to be sticking around after the charity bin runs.

Making sure everything you keep around has a dedicated space is so important. If you find yourself stuck trying to find a spot to keep an item, you should either rethink your organizing system or rethink keeping the item. I have come to realize that there is a fine line between an item that has sentimental value and an item that you are keeping out of guilt because it was a gift. I was holding on to a lot of things that were no longer of use to me only because I had received them as a present. The best way to get rid of something like that is to think of how someone else might discover it for the first time and enjoy it instead of it just taking up space in your cupboard.

Currently, I am reworking my bedroom closet. I managed to get rid of seven small bags of charity bin clothes from both Byron and I’s wardrobes. I ended up selling some really cute dresses that I had but didn’t wear anymore to friends on Facebook. Now I am perfecting my organizing style with bins, velvet hangers and closet organizers. Saving space is super crucial and everything you do should maximize the room you do have especially when you are living in a smaller space like a condo or apartment.

The bottom line is that you’ll want to start now, like I did, so that once summertime rolls around you won’t have to worry about digging through your closets for that dress or bag – you will have it at your fingertips in no time. The summer months should be spent enjoying the warm weather and taking advantage of your great wardrobe! Plus, the more room you make now – the more cute stuff you can pick up to replenish your wardrobe. :)

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  1. Funnygrrl says:

    This is a great idea. My goal is to do a project every week. Some weeks it will be small (closet). Other weeks it will be large (the storage locker).
    Most important thing is to put some tunes on!

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