I love a good holiday and now that Christmas and New Year’s is over I am already moving on to the next big celebration – the holiday of hearts and love and coral. Valentine’s Day is just the best. And what could be better than Valentine’s Day somewhere equally lovely with palm trees, astroturf and pools galore? Yup, Palm Springs with your loved one is just an absolutely perfect and romantic getaway. After looking around on Etsy I found some fabulous golden items that will make you want to hop on a jet and get your bikini bod into the sun. Toss off those pink feather slippers and step into the pool for an epic Palm Springs pool party. Tee up your next cocktail on the wheel and pop open your Zippo. Get your palm read before hitting those pristine tennis courts. The future is bright!

These goods are shining like diamonds + waiting for you to snatch them up:

Golf Swizzlestick Set // Flamingo Print // Vintage Matchstrike // Cheiros Palmistry For All Book // The Future is Bright // Make a Wish Card // Valentine Tassel Garland // Barrier Spell Print // British Matchbooks // Letterpress Cocktail Coasters // Vintage Paddle Racquets // Soviet Fish Decanter + Shot Glasses // Marquee Letters // Watermelon Seeds Pillow // Gold Point Vessel // Sinhala Forest Painting



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    • kait

      So pretty, hey? I want all of it – I just bought the fun little cocktail coasters along with some other Valentine goodies! Can’t wait! xo

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