Frills & Bunting Valentine Decor

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Let’s have a Frill Party! I am a big fan of Valentine’s Day so I highly recommend pulling on your ruby red shoes and plan a total love fest for you and your loved ones. Today, I am sharing four quick and easy love-inspired DIY projects that you can easily adapt for your sweet-as-pie soiree.

In this post, I am sharing two great projects for a red & pink themed photobooth at your lovely party. These projects are super easy for kids to work on if they are comfortable using a rotary cutter and hot glue gun. And the best thing about these frills? They are made with plastic tablecloths for the dollar store so you can decorate with style – on the cheap!

To get started on the ever-popular frills here is what you need:

  • Plastic Tablecloths in Red, White & Pink
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Self-healing Mats
  • Ruler
  • Scissors


Step One: The tablecloths come folded so to save time, I like to cut them like this and then pull them apart after. Line up the tablecloths on the cutting mat and measure off 1/2″ with the ruler. Using your rotary cutter, trim off length. Repeat until you have cut entire length of tablecloth into 1/2″ pieces.

Step Two: Pull apart lengths and drape over a chair, ready for gathering into bunches.


Step Three: Gather bunches of “ribbon” together and double up, cutting apart loops. Twisting the center of the bunch, pull around and make a thick loop. Using a separate piece of “ribbon” wrap around loop and tie to secure. Trim ends to same length!


Okay, these glitter bunting banners are the absolute easiest! I just cut out shapes of hearts and triangles in glitter paper and hot glued them to red & white twine. I love how easy these are because they look amazing as a background for a photobooth. You need a lot of these to flesh out the back-drops.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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