Silhouette Kisses DIY


Smooch! Excited to share another fun and easy DIY craft for Valentine’s Day. This is a great way to get your whole family involved in the holiday crafting and make a super unique and special gift for that special someone. I absolutely love Victorian silhouettes and this is a great modern spin on this traditional portraiture.

Here is what you need to make this adorable V-day gift:

  • Wooden plaques – picked these up from the dollar store!
  • Craft paint
  • Glitter hearts
  • Paint brushes
  • Pencil
  • Self Healing Mat
  • X-acto Blade
  • Washi Tape


Step One: Create your silhouette! The quickest way to do make your adorable silhouette is to take a photo of your subject against a white wall with a light shining to create the contrast. Open it up in your photo-editing program, up the contrast and make it black & white. Print it out on cardstock.

Step Two: Using an x-acto blade, cut out the silhouette. I used some washi tape to affix them to the mat, so they didn’t move around while I was cutting them out.


Step Three: After, cutting out your stencil, paint the wooden plaque white with a foam brush and craft paint.

Step Four: Once the plaque has dried, tape your stencil to it and fill in with black paint carefully. You may need to use a smaller brush for detailed parts of the silhouette.

Step Five: Dress up your silhouettes with sweet love-themed notes, red hearts and kisses.

This is the V-day gift that keeps on giving. A wooden card that can be hung on the wall afterwards as a reminder of your love! As I mentioned, super easy project to do with your kids or even a great activity for your Valentine’s Day party! Inexpensive and fun!



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