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Can’t Wait To Meet You Neighbour, Target!

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Like any self-respecting shopaholic, I am counting down the days until Target opens in Calgary. Yes, Target – the beautiful and wonderful red&white department store that fashionistas and interior decor lovers alike flock to any chance they get while in the US of A, has arrived within our scenic Canadian borders. The first three pilot stores just opened today in Ontario and I am already so jealous of those lucky shoppers. I’ve been hearing rumours that the store closet to me, Chinook Centre will open later this month or early April. You will honestly see me in there on the very first day. Call me a consumerist but I love me a good deal and handful of beautiful products.

Here are some of the great products and brands we can expect to see in our soon-to-be-opened stores.





And with that, I will leave you with this darling video Target released during the Oscars last week featuring Canadian favourites, Dragonette singing a sweet song about being neighbours.



All photos via Target

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  1. I just sincerely hope that this is the shift in the Canadian retail landscape we have been hoping for and not some poor man’s (or woman’s) version of the Target we have experienced stateside. It would be heart breaking for them to pump us up like this and then not grant us access to the capsule collections or the bargain prices. But fingers crossed. Regardless of whether they markup up North, a lot of the brands like Sonia Kashuk, are still worth the fuss.

    • kait says:

      I totally know what you mean, Meghan! However, I think that Target’s brand is so strong that they would never attempt anything half-heartedly. And they have reported to have spent $18 million on each store so either the Zellers locations were in super rough shape or these are gonna be some deluxe stores!

  2. Christine says:

    Yep, fellow shopoholic over here and I am equally as excited about Target!! I sure hope the rumours are true and our Edmonton store is opening in the very near future!

    • kait says:

      That is so exciting, Christine! There are 6 Calgary stores opening – insane! Can’t wait to shop, haha!

  3. Oh I’m with you Kait! The West Ed Mall is saying it’s opening in Spring, so it’s already a few days late…but I will forgive them and still be there on opening day. Bring it Target!

    • kait says:

      WOOT! Target o’clock for us Albertans! I can’t wait to pick up super cute clothes & great stuff for the home!

  4. brooke says:

    we love our targets in the states!!! have fun – you will end up spending hours when intending on a 15 min stop, every.single.time. enjoy!!

    • kait says:

      Haha, Brooke! I know, everytime I visit the states I head for a Target and I end up spending hours in there much to the dismay of my husband, haha! Can’t wait!

  5. I feel I should be more canadian and sadder that Zellers is gone but I’m way too excited for target to come!!!!!

    • kait says:

      I know – I actually kinda loved Zellers a bit! But now that it is gone, I am so happy to have such a great alternative to Walmart which I really can’t stand!

  6. Blair says:

    Ahh!! Cant wait for the special method line. It makes cleaning so much more fun!! xo

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