Happy Friday: Plum Fizz


Happy Friday, friends! After a tricky week of weather here in Calgary (and likely elsewhere in the world) I felt we all deserved a tasty drink to get the weekend started off right. I came up with this sweet little cocktail recipe featuring my new favourite drink obsession: Umeshu, Japanese plum wine. It is absolutely delicious, sweet and maybe slightly addictive. Regardless, I think you will enjoy the Plum Fizz!

What you need:

  • Umeshu Plum Wine (similar here)
  • DRY Juniper Berry Soda
  • Sliced Plums
  • Ice Cubes


Pull it together:

Drop an ice cube in each glass. Spear a slice of plum with a toothpick it and rest on the edge of the glass.


Fill the glass halfway with the Umeshu. Or fill it more if you want it boozy.


Here comes the fizz part! Top with the Juniper Berry Soda. Yum….


Reposition your speared plum and drop in a pretty straw. Now, slowly raise the glass to your lips and take a healthy sip. It should taste like a fizzy liquified version of the candies, Sweet Tarts. Sweet and tart with a whole lot of fizz!

Your weekend can now begin. Hope you have a great one and please let me know if you have any great cocktail ideas that I could try out!


Plum Fizz made especially for yuppielove. All photos by Kait Kucy.

Lavender Glass from Anthropologie.


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  1. yummmm!! I want this. Where did you get the soda? I’ve only had it while eating out, never seen it in the stores

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