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Dinner is my favourite meal of the day. While I appreciate a nice long breakfast or a lunch date with friends, every day I kinda ‘save myself’ for dinner. There is something absolutely civilized about dining in the evening and enjoying each morsel of a beautifully prepared meal.

And a dinner done right is certainly something to write home about. Ambiance, taste and care are all elements of a dinner done right. I found these all at 80th & Ivy on Friday night. A newer restaurant to Calgary, this self-proclaimed modern kitchen is where you go for an incredible locally-sourced meal complete with wine pairing perfection, a beautiful interior and exemplary staff.

Planning date nights has been a new priority for us. While I wouldn’t exactly call us an ‘old married couple’ quite yet, it is still very easy to slip into the routine of Friday night take-out and comfy clothes. And while there is nothing wrong with a bit of routine and R&R at the end of a long week, sometimes all you need is a new experience to liven up your attitude before starting the weekend in a tired and slugglish mood.

80th & Ivy was our date night destination last week and we were absolutely blown away by the service, food and fun we had over a three course meal. It was great to meet several of the management team and really get to know their expertise and witness their enthusiasm for local product, fine wine and excellent presentation. I really appreciate that kind of dedication when I visit an independent establishment such as 80th & Ivy.

I would love to share our menu with you as well as some photos I snapped during the meal.

Drinks to start: Pimms No.2 for me and a Dunkel Beer for Byron.


 Small Plate to Start: Pan Seared Scallops and Prawns with Bacon & Rhubarb Relish


Spring Creek Ranch Prime Rib with root vegetables & wilted kale. This is only available on Fridays and Saturdays – absolutely worth showing up for!


 Beer Braised Short Rib with herbed gnocchi and wilted kale.


Dessert: Creme Brulee with Amarillo Ice Cream & Rhubarb Compote. To. Die. For.


 The Chocolate Mousse. Triple frozen layered chocolate mousse.


Night cap: The Homemade and Village Brewery Blacksmith.


Thank you 80th & Ivy for a memorable evening of food and conversation. Looking forward to returning for future date nights!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    That looks soooo good! Calgary has so many places I want to try

  2. mmg says:

    kait that looks tasty! i’d love to see a photo of your outfits next time :) you always dress up so well.

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