a sweet valley high

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Just returned from a beautiful long weekend away to visit our friends in Trail, BC. A much-needed getaway to a beautiful valley was exactly what the doctor ordered. Feeling so much more refreshed and relaxed after returning. I’ve vowed to myself to not stay up past 11pm on weeknights anymore as that was becoming an easily increasing problem in my daily routine. Honestly, I was up until 4am the other night writing away. Not healthy despite the wonderful flow of words emerging from my brain.

While visiting the Kaslo May Days festival with our friends on Sunday, Jen and I stopped into a psychic & tarot card reader’s booth to get readings done. It was really incredible as to what she picked up on from me, without me hardly saying a word. She even knew that I had to be careful with what I eat as I am very sensitive and can get quite sick. She also told me some interesting things about my career future and some paths I will end up on in the next six years. Lots to look forward to, most certainly. It was nice to get an unbiased opinion or viewpoint from someone like her. Would love to get another reading done again sometime soon – this time maybe a bit more in-depth.

Back to the lovely grindstone now – so much to do & so much to share once it is all done. This summer is going to be amazing.

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