Still daydreaming about our Labour Day weekend in Montana. An absolutely beautiful trip, we can always rely on Montana being hot, sunny and restful for a late summer visit. We headed down for the Vintage Whites Market – the last one of the summer – to scope out some sweet vintage finds. We actually booked a cabin in the woods this time through Gaynor Ranch & Resort which was a nice change from regular camping and staying in a lodge. It was a bit of a bumpy drive but it was totally worth it being secluded in the beautiful mountains.


The best part of the weekend was floating around Flathead Lake for a few hours basking in the sun and finally getting to be in some water. The whole summer all I wanted to do was jump in some water.


The market did not disappoint, of course. I found the perfect vintage metal cart that I am going to transform into a beautiful bar cart (just you wait and see!) and a tiny wood + metal chair. Top it up with some huckleberry iced tea and a brie + pesto buckwheat crepe and you’ve got a very happy Kait and Byron. So, when can we go back?


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    • kait

      Anneke! I just saw this comment now – oh gosh! I wish we had run into eachother in Montana! I miss you! Thanks for the cart idea – I wish I had a guest room too! xoxo

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