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Happy Monday, folks! I hope you all had beautiful adventurous weekends. I told you a bit about getting inspired for new adventures last week thanks to good people involved with the Ford Fiesta Movement. I firmly believe that there is room for adventure in every single day – you just have to find the opportunity and go for it! Whether it be trekking across town to the new farmer’s market or going for an epic bike ride – adventures are what you make it. Just make sure you have a big cup of coffee before you head out.

I was inspired to do something new and exciting just as summer was ending. Despite living in Calgary for most of my life, I realized I had never rafted down the Bow River before. After the crazy and devastating flood earlier this summer, I was a teensy bit hesitant about heading out on the waters but once we go started, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Byron and I met up with his brother + wife to join us for the day on the water. It is essential that you have two vehicles to make this boat trip a success so that you don’t have to trudge back to the car with raft in tow + soggy wet clothes. Our entire rafting trip was about 2.5 hours so you could imagine how long it would be. Lazyday Raft Rentals makes it super easy though – they will even help you plan your entire trip. We embarked on our journey via Bowness and floated all the way back down to Lazyday headquarters just by downtown.

My favourite part of the rafting trip was just absorbing the beauty that exists around us right in the middle of our big city. It is pretty incredible that we get to witness such gorgeous nature just minutes from home. In fact, I couldn’t believe it took me so long to get to the river for this adventure. Second favourite part of the rafting excursion? Killing ourselves laughing when the ride got a little bit bumpy and the rapids increased. It only lasted a moment but I totally felt like a kid again enjoying a little bit of fear. I made a little video of us spinning through the crystal clear rivers:

A beautiful day, all in all, and an excellent way to celebrate the end of summer. I can’t wait for my next rafting adventure. Next summer, I will be a regular for sure.



I’m already getting so excited for my next adventure. What will I do next? I have a couple more travels lined for the fall – I expect some cycling in my near future. Also inspired by adventure and rafting, I love this Ford Fiesta Movement video by Anthony Hull featuring an ultimate rafting adventure with some cool creatives! Watch + get inspired to take some risks too!

This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for my participation. The photos and opinions expressed are my own unless otherwise stated.

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