I’m in the mood for cozy. Big thick woolen blankets, soft yet firm cushions and a rug to sink my feet into. Everything you need to hole up and hibernate for a whole winter. My talented photographer friend, Nicoleirene recently shot the look book for the AW + Josi Faye HOME Collection. I’ve been a long time fan of Annie Williams‘ beautiful clutches and totes – stunning raw leather paired with giant knits. I even just heard about a new collection of bags sewn up with real gold thread. I just about fell over.

A collaboration with Han Starnes of Josi Faye – they came together in the most beautiful way. The home line is bold and cozy. I love the oversized knits and the soft cream palette. From the bed roll to the rug to the pillow – I’m in love. And luckily, you don’t have to live in Williams’ hometown of Nashville to get your hands on some of these goodies – they are in the AW shop!


Photos by NicoleIrene for Annie Williams 

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