How many more days of this frigid cold weather should I expect, dear Universe? I’ve been sitting over here for weeks daydreaming of cocktails by the pool, frolicking by the ocean and just soaking up a bit of Vitamin D (with my handy-dandy SPF 50, of course). Instead I’m parka’d up feeling like the Michelin man, choking down lukewarm tea. So, for now, I’m busily picking out my summertime wardrobe. I am in love with all of these sweet AND very affordable vintage cuts. From one piece, to two piece to bottoms-only (ideal for skinny dipping or suntanning), I’m ready. Well, not totally ready. I definitely need the next four months at the gym before I am ready to rock some of these out in public! I’ll see you there, at the pool, I’ll be the one wearing the giant sunhat…

Gem-Crusted One Piece / Bamboo Beach One Piece / Orange Creamsicle One Piece

Floral High-Waisted Bottoms / Black Ruffle Bottoms / Floral String Bikini

Navy + White Two Piece / Black Cut-Out Two Piece / Desert Girl Two Piece

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